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Church Life

First Presbyterian Church.  2017.

The Nominating Team has a distinct purpose in its responsibility to identify those

covenant partners who God calls to serve. Our purpose is to select those who would serve faithfully as elders, deacons and elected members of the nominating team. Each year in January, at the Congregational Meeting, the recommended slate of officers is presented by the current nominating team and voted on by the congregation.

The Nominating Team begins to meet in late summer and continues as long as necessary until the recommended slate of officers is complete. A year's class is made up of 4 elders, 5 deacons and 3 members of the nominating team.

The process which is followed by the Nominating Team is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and each candidate has been thoroughly considered and covered by prayer. The primary function of the team is prayer and the individual petitions for each candidate. Faithful to God's leading, the final decision is made and the invitation to serve is passed on to the candidate by a team member.

Because of the confidentiality needed in the process, most of the details are not shared openly until our work is complete. However, the congregation's participation is encouraged by their suggestions of a candidate. Their prayers are welcomed and needed to cover the entire process.  

Members of the Nominating Team are:

Gail Brookhart, Elder Chair

Jack Herschend, Elder Representative

Barbara Cortner, Deacon Representative

Barbara Hunt

Marcia Schemper-Carlock

Greg Pryon

Marilyn Whetstone

Jennifer Justus

Barbara Rodehaver 

Tom Wilcox